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Very few things we do when having sex are likely to result in HIV. When you know the basics of how HIV can be passed on, you can decide what means for you. For a sexual activity to pass on HIV there has to be:

Without all of these things, it is impossible for HIV to be passed on. The amount of HIV in the blood and cum of a person varies over time. The more virus there is, the more chance there is of being able to pass on HIV. This is called viral load. A person has the greatest viral load and is most able to pass on HIV immediately after they have just gotten HIV themselves (and may not even know they have HIV). So let's look at what we enjoy doing and how to reduce the chance of HIV being passed on.

  HIV cannot be spread by spit. There is no evidence that kissing or cuddling could lead to HIV being passed on. However, try to avoid deep kissing if both you and your partner have:

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