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Boys of Bangladesh, popularly known as BoB, is the largest network of self-identified Bangladeshi gay men from home and abroad. It is a non-registered, non-funded and non-formal group run by a pull of dedicated volunteers who strive to make it a safe space for like-minded people to come together, and share their thoughts, feelings and experiences and ultimately find a place where they can truly belong.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, BoB is not a platform only for gay men: we welcome everyone from the wider queer community as well as its allies and supporters.

In 2002, BoB started as an online group with aims such as bringing together the isolated gay men in Bangladesh under a platform where they can help each other come to terms with their sexuality, helping to find like-minded friends and partners, raising awareness about diverse gender and sexuality issues and eventually building a gay community based on friendship and solidarity.  To know more about how we came into being and the journey so far, click here.

We deem it very important to have a strong, united community first before increasing our visibility widely and fight for our rights. Hence, community building, strengthening and mobilizing are our top most priorities. We believe the need and the mandate have to come from within the community, which will not be matured in a day but will need a base to stand on when it does become more politically aware. And this is exactly where most of our work is centered around.

In terms of LGBT activism, we envision a world free of discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation enabling every LGBT individual to enjoy the blessing of life, love and companionship. We do not endorse the term MSM as it is more clinical and biological, whereas being gay or homosexual is an identity and has more to do with issues such as psychological need, partnership, equality and human rights etc. We stand strong on the difference between being gay and MSM.

Along with community focused work, we are also strategically expanding our support network by getting in touch with ‘powerful people’ home and abroad and letting them to know of our work and existence. With their support and our relentless effort, we hope Bangladesh would soon start talking about real LGBT issues and eventually take a bold positive step towards building a better society free of any kind of stigma and discrimination.

To know more about what we do, how and why we do it, click here. If you also want to get involve with our work, find out how you can do it in this section.

And of course, we’d love to hear from you. Find out all the ways of how you can get in touch with us and stay connected with us.